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What? is an informative website blog that tries to give its readers reliable information. With a few articles each week, Gottasport is up-to-date with fitness information about nutrition, weight loss, cardio workouts, gym equipment and anabolic steroids.

Who? The articles from are written by myself. My name is Wim Vlassenbroeck, I’m a 20 year old medicine student from Belgium. I try to combine my experience and facts about weight training with the knowledge I have obtained through my studies. After all, whether you’re trying to increase muscle mass, gain strength or lose weight, all of it is science and can be explained.

Why? When I started working out when I was 15, I was so silly to get a bad habit: always working out to failure, never caring about nutrition, never trained my legs, did the wrong exercises, etc. I almost didn’t gain anything, not in strength nor muscle mass. It wasn’t until I started looking up information and learnt about the human body, that I discovered I had been doing things all wrong. I changed my life and habits, started eating well, did the right exercises, and immediately saw changes. Since then, I’ve been trying to share my newly gained knowledge with those suffering from the same “bad habits” as I had, and those newbies who shouldn’t make the same mistakes.

There is so much wrong information on the internet. From encouraging to yoyo diets to training biceps…. it’s awful that beginners don’t know what the difference is between false and correct information.

How? I will try and write a few articles each week about subjects you care about. Sometimes I will read articles on other sites, make a summary of it or re-write it so it sounds easier for beginners. Later on I will write about sports injuries, since I am very interested in these and this information might come in handy for me when I become a sports doctor. goals: Try to inform as many people as possible about the right way to lose weight, to gain mass, etc. I hope to get a lot of positive comments and thank you notes ;).

My personal goals: Describing my goals is a pretty hard thing for me. I want a lot of things but am realistic about my goals. In the end I want to focus on functional strength and maybe a few powerlifting competitions, while gaining some muscle mass and being in good physical health. Let’s just say I want to perform well, look good and of course feel good.

Enjoy the journey to knowledge that you'll experience on Gotta Sport.


Wim Vlassenbroeck

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