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What are anabolic steroids? What is their function? Why are they used by a lot of athletes, and why shouldn’t they be used? All in this article.

Anabolic steroids — or more precisely, anabolic-androgenic steroids — are artificial derivatives of the naturally occurring male anabolic hormone testosterone. These hormones are necessary for men, to develop growth and body hair. They are also the reason for a lower voice.

But the utmost interesting effect is that the hormones help to retain protein. And if you want to gain muscles, you need protein. It all adds up now, doesn’t it? This is the primary goal of athletes: increase muscle mass and strength.

How are steroids taken?
There are three ways to take steroids, either orally, injected or skin patches.
Special dangers to adolescents
Adolescent athletes should NEVER take steroids. This might put a stop on their growth. Easily put: steroids will close your bones. Once the “growing” bones are closed, they will not re-open.

Are anabolic steroids addictive?
Recent research suggests that people who use anabolic steroids for a long time may possible experience the typical addiction signals, like cravings, withdrawal symptoms..

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