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Cardio Low impact exercises explained

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Is a high intensity possible in a low impact exercise?

Low impact exercise is often used in conjunction with the words gentle, easy or light and is often recommended for people who don’t want a high intensity workout. But what if you want to work hard, but don’t want all the jumping around?

Can low impact exercise help you burn calories and lose weight as well as high impact moves? Absolutely.

High Impact Exercise Isn’t For Everyone

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know that getting into the middle-high range of your target heart rate zone (about 65% to 85% of max heart rate) is important for burning calories. You also probably know that it’s easier to get your heart rate up when you’re jumping around. But, for some people, high impact exercise just isn’t an option. Some reasons you may have to avoid high impact are:
· Pregnancy
· Being very overweight
· Injuries in the joints, bones or connective tissue
· Chronic problems like arthritis, osteoporisis or stress fractures
· Being a beginning exerciser
· An aversion to high impact exercise

You don’t necessarily have to jump around to burn calories, but high impact exercises do help to make healthy bones even stronger.
A lot of low impact exercises can you get heart into the target heart rate zone aswell, BUT, you will probably need to work a little harder.

Making The Most Of Low Impact Exercise

If you’ve ever added any running into your walking workouts or tried some jump roping for the first time in years, you probably noticed how high your heart rate can shoot up as soon as you add higher impact. But, if you can’t or don’t want to do high impact exercises, there are some alternatives. Click for examples of low impact exercises.

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