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Cardio Running hints for beginners

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Beginning anything isn’t easy. You probably don’t know much about what you’re doing, what you’re supposed to be doing and whether you’re doing it wrong or right.

  1. When you are a beginner, things go pretty smoothly. Even if you train slowly or short, it will always have a positive effect on your condition. So make sure you train easily in the first 2 months, you don’t want to have any injuries. After all, your body needs to learn how to recover.
  2. Running for longer distances can be hard and heavy. But in a few weeks, that distance will already look a lot less heavy. This is not only because your physical condition will be better, but also because you’re mentally ready for it: you will now know that you can run for a longer distance.
  3. Make reasonable goals. Make sure that you will be able to achieve it. Don’t make a goal too easy either, you don’t wanna achieve it within 3 months!
  4. Always do a warmup before your training and a cooling down afterwards.
  5. Beginners often try to run too fast. You should be able to talk while running. That means you should get a heart rate of 75-85% of your anaerobic treshold. That treshold is about 220 – your age – 15.
  6. Use running shoes that are appropriate for your running style, foot size, body weight and training environment.
  7. If you are quite heavy, then don’t forget to buy shoes with extra stability and shock absorbers.

Advantages of better physical condition:

you will have A LOT more energy!

you will be more productive and be able to concentrate better

you will sleep better

you will look better

you will be in a better mood (because of the endorphins that are released while sporting)

you will have a better sex life ;).

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