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Cardio Treatment of injuries

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D'oh! You had an injury? Or you want to know how to treat an injury if the time comes… Well read on then, here are the best tips one can get to treat injuries. There is a trick to remember what to do after an injury: RICE!

  • Rest! If you feel pain, it’s a signal that you shouldn’t move often.
  • Ice the injury: will stop the swelling.
  • Compress the injured area. This will also limit the swelling. Don’t aply a wrap too tightly, you don’t want to cut off the blood supply!
  • Elevate the injured part. Again, limits the swelling, because it will allow the blood flow to go more downhill to the heart.

Cooling down the injury within the first 48 hours with ice or a coldpack will reduce the swelling. Preferably cool the injury 10-15 minutes every hour in the first 48 hours. The first hours are the most important ones! Cooling down the injury is of great importance, because it can reduce the recovery time later on. Never put the ice directly on the injury, use a cloth between the ice and your skin.

As for medication, I’d recommend Ibuprofen. It is very helpful against pain and relieves both pain and inflammation.

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