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Cardio Advantages of high intensity interval training

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So what are all the advantages of  HIIT? High intensity interval training has many advantages, but can be very tough. So what are the reason that should keep you going? Read on!

1.    Lactic acid treshold will be higher
Like explained above in this article, lactic acid is built when the body reaches an anaerobic level and sees no other way to produce energy, than to make lactic acid. If you’ve already worked out in the past or often do some sprinting, you will definitely know the feeling when you’re building up lactic acid. It feels like your legs or arms are burning, and it really hurts!
If the treshold is higher, this means that you will be less likely to build up lactic acid that fast, because you’ll stay in an aerobic state for a longer period of time. This means less pain, and you’ll be able to do more work at a higher intensity (because of the higher treshold).

2.    Duration
A HIIT takes about 15 minutes; low intensity training takes 45 minutes to a few hours! So high intensity interval training is a great way of doing cardio if you’re limited on time.

3.    Burning calories while doing nothing
As already mentioned in an other article, after HIIT your metabolic system will be sky-high, and you don’t need to do anything!

4.    Exciting
If you’re almost falling asleep during those long low intensity cardio workouts, then definitely consider switching to HIIT. High intensity training is NOT boring, in fact it’s the total opposite. It is very demanding, and it will require you to run, swim, row as fast as you can.

5.    No more hungry thoughts
HIIT suppresses the appetite.

6.    Hypertrophy
Another advantage is that, since HIIT is an explosive way of doing exercises, you can get hypertrophy from it! Unlike low intensity training, which is more likely to decompose the muscle tissue (because its duration is long and the intensity is low). So basically you can get more muscle mass ánd burn fat by doing HIIT.

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