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Cardio A few remarks about high intensity interval training (HIIT)

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Not too long ago, I wrote an article about high intensity interval training with a training program included.

I have some more remarks about the high intensity interval training program:

1. If your physical condition is already OK, then you can start week 1 with 6 sprints. If your physical condition is darn good, then consider 7 or even 8 sprints! In week 10, you will then reach 10-11 sprints, which would be incredibly good!

2. If you’re an advanced athlete, you could also increase the intervals. For example, instead of sprinting for 20 seconds, you could try sprinting for 30 seconds!

3. And lastly, you could also add an incline hill or increase the resistance on your elliptical trainer / bicycle  as an interval. As long as you give yourself for a full 100% during these intervals, things should be ok.

4. if you’re already into weight lifting, powerlifting or bodybuilding, then you might want to refrain yourself from doing 3 HIIT workouts per week.

 Weight training is already very demanding for your body and is the same kind of anaerobic training as HIIT. Furthermore, since HIIT will also develop hypertrophy, this will only happen if you rest well (as with normal weight training). So if you work out 4 times a week in the gym, 1-2 HIIT workouts should be plenty. Don’t forget to eat more too if you still want to gain muscle!

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