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Cardio Disadvantages of high intensity interval training

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Ok ok so you get the point: HIIT is very good! I’ve already discussed the many advantages of high interval intensity training, I’ve shown how to make a training program for HIIT… but now, I will discuss the other side of the medal: the disadvantages.

HIIT is not for everybody, sadly. If you’ve tried it out by now, you will probably know why.

Beginners are better off with low intensity cardio, since running as hard as you can will most likely lead to running injuries. Also, a good physical condition will make you feel less bad during and after the HIIT. This is because a trained person will recover much faster.

If you are overweight, pregnant or not 100% fit (eg. you used to have an Achilles tendon injury), then HIIT is not for you.

After one HIIT you might give up, unless you like pain. It’s also difficult to stay motivated during the sprints to give it your all, when you know you’re going to suffer. So in a way, HIIT is only for the ones that are mentally strong.

If you will add HIIT into your weekly schedule, and already perform strength training, then you will probably need to work out on a lower intensity during strength training. So don’t do HIIT the same day or the day before heavy squats or deadlifts.

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