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Nutrition The truth about nutrition programs

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It would be unrealistic to write down the ultimate nutrition guide here. Everyone is unique, everyone responds differently on food, therefore everyone needs to find their own unique nutrition guide.
The truth about nutrition guides

· You can’t just use a finished nutrition guide from someone else for yourself!
· Nutrition guides are unique, they differ between people. Everyone is unique: a different fat percentage, fat free mass, amount of daily activity, sensitivity for some macronutrients, etc..
· This means that a nutrition guide, which might be perfect for person A, might have very bad consequences for person B. So don’t just use someone else’s guide, nor to lose weight nor to gain weight!
· The only way to get a healthy guide, is to let someone make it individually for you. You can learn how to do everything yourself as soon as you know the basics, like how much your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is.

I’m currently working on a few articles about making your own nutrition guide. I will add them shortly, so be patient :).

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