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Nutrition Importance of water explained

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Water is by far the most abundant substance in our body (over 65%!). To put it simple: without water, one would not survive long. Long live water! But why is water good? Read on!

Importance of water?

– water cleans your body from toxins (things that make you sick)

– almost every process in your body requires water: energy production, muscle building, fat burning.. A lack of water would cause a pause in these processes.

– water can serve as a coolant: it can bring the body temperature down when it’s too hot.

– cold water increases your metabolism

– water controls your appetite.

Knowing how much your daily calorie intake is, is important when writing down your nutrition guide. A good way to calculate this, is via the Harris-Benedict method. Via your age, weight, length and daily activity, it will define your BMR (basal metabolic rate).


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