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Cardio Before buying a heart rate monitor

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So, you have decided to buy a heart rate monitor huh? For weight loss purposes, for better performance at your sport, or just for fun? It doesn’t matter, any reason to get a heart rate monitor is a good one! However, deciding which heart rate monitor you should buy isn’t an easy choice and will be determined by the question: “what are you going to use the monitor for?”. Read the rest of this entry »

NutritionWeight lossWeight training Bodybuilding & nutrition programs

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Why should bodybuilders have a good nutrition guide? Nutrition is enormously important, it is as important as the workout itself. Nutrition gives us the raw materials for energy, growth and recuperation. You will never achieve your ideal body without a good diet. I've written down some of the basics you need to know about nutrition programs. Read the rest of this entry »

Cardio Injury prevention for running

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Injuries… everyone hates them: they cause pain, they cause you to stop doing the thing you love, and they will slow down your progress a lot. So how about some hints to prevent these injuries when running, aight?!

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Cardio Low impact exercises explained

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Is a high intensity possible in a low impact exercise?

Low impact exercise is often used in conjunction with the words gentle, easy or light and is often recommended for people who don’t want a high intensity workout. But what if you want to work hard, but don’t want all the jumping around?

Can low impact exercise help you burn calories and lose weight as well as high impact moves? Absolutely.

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