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Weight training Why should you do full squats

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In the gym I always get a lot of looks from everyone, when I’m doing full squats. Sometimes they even ask me why on earth I would ever do full squats. Why not just quarter squats, like all of they do?

Here’s a list of advantages why everyone should do full squats.

A. You will find that they are much more rewarding. When you get down, and you know you can’t go down any further, you will feel like you have reached the “last stop”. There was no way that you could’ve done the exercise harder with that kind of weight.

B. They are also a better way to measure your improvements (because with partial squats you can put more weight on the barbell, but how will you know how low you squatted last time?).

C. They will make you get stronger ligaments, tendons and bones.

D. And of course: they are a very compound exercise: the lower you go, the more hamstrings and gluteal muscles you will develop. Full squats are even good for your calves!

E. They are a very natural movement. Think about how many times you squat a day, even a visit to the toilet will have a squat in it!

If you’re thinking what the hell are full squats, then read technique of back squats article!

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