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Weight training Technique of back squats

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Squats are very important. They should be the foundation of your workout. In fact, whenever I see a strength program with only a few sets or even no sets of squats at all, I’ll just throw the program away and tell whoever it is who showed it to me, to start reading up on workouts.

I will write a post about the why of squats later. But first let’s concentrate on the technique.

  • Unrack the barbell from the powerrack and place it on your M. Trapezius *
  • Stand with flat feet on the ground, with your feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly outward.
  • Look forward or a little upward.
  • Make sure your back is slightly concave
  • Push your butt behind
  • Take a deep breathe and then keep the abdominals tight
  • Descend until you can’t go any lower
  • Avoid leaning forward while going upward. Maintain a concave back.
  • Now rack the barbell.

* If you don’t know where to lay the barbell, then act as followed. Move your hand around your neck until you feel a bubble. This is C7 or T1 (the seventh cervical vertebra or the first thoracic vertebra). You should place the barbell below the bubble. If you would draw a line beteen your shoulders, the barbell should be right there on your back (the green line). I’ve also coloured the M. Trapezius (the blue line).


Beginners might have a hard time going down for a full squat, because the ligaments aren’t used to this kind of lengthening. However you will notice that this will get easier fast.

If you’re asking yourself why you should squat, read why full squats.

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