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Weight training Importance of balance

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What is balance? It is the ability to stay upright, or controlling your body movement. Balance is very important and used in almost all kinds of sports.

Now why have I put this in Training section? Image yourself near a power rack, 400 lbs of weight on your shoulders, you stepping out of the rack to squat.. Now imagine yourself doing this drunk… would you trust yourself with this? I don’t think so….. you’d have no balance! Heck, I wouldn’t like to land on the ground with 400 lbs on top of me! Would you?

There are two types of balance:

  • Static balance: trying to stay upright when in a stationary position.
  • Dynamic balance: maintaining your balance while moving.

Although only rarely tested, balance is very important. Not just in a sport, but even in our daily life. When we walk, we actually step on one leg, which requires balance! Walking isn’t hard for us anymore because we have learnt to keep our balance. But look at an infant trying to walk. Learning to balance is hard!
There are a few tests that can tell you how well or bad your balance is. They will be discussed in the next article tomorrow!

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