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Yesterday we discussed the importance of balance. Today let’s go over some tests to determine whether you have the balancing potential of an Olympic gymnast or a drunk bum.

Standing Balance Test
Stand on one leg for as long as possible without falling. The score is the length of time that the person was able to stand on one leg.

How else?
To make this harder, you can also raise the arms in a certain position (at the sides, horizontally,etc.). Closing the eyes while doing this is also hard!

Stork Balance Stand Test
Looking at the ability to balance on the ball of the foot.

Remove shoes
place hands on the hips
put your one foot against the inside knee of the balancing foot
the heel should be off the floor
When to stop?
an arm moves
no more contact between the legs
the heel touches the floor

You have three attempts, best out of three counts. See if you’re better than the average or no good at balancing.

How did you do?

Score (in seconds)


> 50


40 – 50


25- 39


10 – 24


< 10

Balance Beam Test
·    Goal?
Assessing active balance while walking along an elevated beam. To assess active balance, through the ability to maintain balance while walking along an elevated beam.

·    How?

Walk steadily to the end of the length of the standard balance beam without falling, within 6 seconds.


Each participant is given 3 attempts to complete the test. The total score is the average of the 3 trial scores.

5 Walks the balance beam flawlessly. Does not need to check balance, does not pause. Completes the walk within six seconds.
4 Walks the beam, but is somewhat unsteady. Completes the walk within six seconds.
3 Walks the beam, but is somewhat unsteady. May pause one or more times. Takes more than six seconds to complete the walk.
2 Walks the beam, but is very unsteady, almost falling off, may pause one or more times, and/or takes more than six seconds.
1 Falls off the beam before completing the walk.
0 Falls off the beam immediately.

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