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Weight training How to perform a deadlift

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The deadlift is called the king of all exercises, and with good reason too. There is no other exercise that will put more stress on your central nerve system, and therefore will make you stronger.

It is also an extremely compound exercise and will work on the entire posterior chain as well as the back. The deadlift should be part of everyone’s program, from fitnesser, to powerlifter to bodybuilder.

Here’s how the deadlift technique is done:

1.    Stand behind the bar in a way that the ball of your feet is right below the barbell
2.    Keep your on feet shoulder width apart, pointing forwards or slightly outwards.
3.    Now grasp the bar, hands a bit wider than shoulder width
4.    Thighs should be about parallel to the ground
5.    Keep your back straight or a little concave, and look in front of you.
6.    Make sure your shoulders are back and down
7.    Tighten the abs after taking a big breath of air
8.    Now lift the bar using the legs, keep your arms extended at all times!!!!!!
9.    Try to keep the bar as close to your body as you can
10.  Lock out by extending the knees, raising the shoulders and moving the hip.
11.   Return the bar to the ground, don’t just drop it.

– Don’t imagine you’re pulling the weight off the floor, but try to imagine that you want to push your feet through the floor.
– If you can’t manage to deadlift the weight with a pronated grip, try a mixed grip.
– You can also do a straight leg deadlift or a Romanian deadlift.

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