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Weight training Technique of chin-ups & pull-ups

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Chins, chin-ups, pull-ups .. a lot of names for practically the same thing: a great way to show off your strength if you're small. Since you will need to pull up your own bodyweight, even beginners can sometimes get more reps done than an advanced athlete, who carries 120 lbs extra bodyweight.

Why pullups or chins? – They are a great way to gain mass. Training the M. Lattissimus Dorsi (your “lats”), will make you look a lot bigger quickly! – This exercise is often used to prove your strength (eg. in the army). – They will make your negative movement in the bench press a lot more stable.

1. Hang on the pull-up bar with your arms extended
2. Raise your chest.
3. Imagine that you’re bringing your elbows downward, not yourself upward.
4. Keep pulling!
5. Don’t stop until your chins (or even your shoulders, depending on the grip) reach the bar.
6. Go down in a controlled way, don’t forget to raise your chest!

Before you start the next rep, don’t forget to do what is called the “hang out”. Start from the same position as you would do in your first pull-up, so with the arms fully extended again.

To clarify the difference between shoulders or chin higher than the bar: if you have a pronated grip, this is usually called “chinning”, as you will only get higher than the bar with your chin.

If you have a supinated grip, then you’re doing a pull-up, and can go higher than the bar with your shoulders.

Personally I prefer the supinated grip (the pull-up), as it allows me to pull up with more weight, than when doing chins. And as always: the more weight you can move, the more you make your muscles believe that they should be adapting quickly! There are many, many, many varations to the pull-up/chin. Clapping pull-ups, one arm pull-ups, sternum pull-ups, gorilla pull-ups,….

If you think you're good in chin-ups, have a look at the world records of chinning.  

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