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Weight training Split squats technique

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Split squats? Chances are great that you have never heard of this exercise before. What a shame. This exercise is one great example of a unilateral exercise, that will make your tendons, ligaments and of course muscles stronger. Split squat technique:

1. Put the weight on your shoulders, exactly the same way as you would do with squats or lunges.
2. Space your hands wide enough, this will increase your balance.
3. Keep your back straight or slightly concave.
4. Now move one foot forward, with a distance of about 1 meter. Keep back straight!
5. Now kneel until the knee-cap touches the ground.
6. Now stand back up, by squeezing your glutes and hamstrings, but don’t move the foot that you placed first, back. If you would move your first foot back, it wouldn’t be a split squat but you would be executing lunges.

I will discuss the lunges technique in a future article. Split squats are great in a period of a deload, or when your back is injured, because of the light load on the back. You can also give bulgarian squats a try, these are another great unilateral exercise

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