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Weight training Bulgarian squats technique

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Yet another unilateral exercise that everyone should perform now and then? Have you never heard of it? Do you like stiffness in your legs for a few days? Then the bulgarian squat exercise will be something for you!


1. Put the barbell on your shoulders, like you would do with a back squat.
2. Maintain a concave/slightly straight back.
3. stand on one leg, by placing the other leg on a bench, box, chair.
4. Hump forward with your leading leg, until distance with your other leg/bench is about 0.75 meter.
5. Now slowly go down by bending the knee of the leading leg.
6. Keep bending, until the knee of the BACK leg (almost) touches the ground.
7. Now squeeze the hamstrings and glutes, and get back up.

 When you get bored doing bulgarian squats (shame on you!), then don't worry, there are other unilateral exercises that are great for you, eg. lunges and split squats.

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