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Something everyone needs and everyone does in the gym, usually without thinking: grasping the barbell. How do you hold it? How should you hold it? And what are the advantages of each kind of grip? Today I will discuss the pronated grip. Having a good pronated grip is extremely important if you want to be good at deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, powercleans,…

What is a pronated grip? If you face the back of your hands and then grasp a barbell, you are holding it in a pronated way.

Advantages of a pronated grip? 1. It will make deadlifts and other heavy barbell rowing movements much easier. It’d be sad to fail on a deadlift just because your grip can’t support the weight, wouldn’t it? 2. Surely you can use mixed grip on some exercises if your pronated grip is bad… But think about pull-ups, rows, shrugs… will you be able to do all of those with a mixed grip? 3. You will avoid bicep tears 4. Very practical in the common life. Eg. Carrying a heavy bag, bucket,… In a few days I will discuss the mixed grip.

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